Intramuscular injections

steroid injection

Systemic injections

Systemic injection of AAS are made in the gluteal muscle, which is the most secure place for injections. Moreover, experimentally it has been found that injections made in the buttocks excel in efficiency injection into the lateral surface of the hip by 15% and in the medium fascicle of deltoid – by 30%.

However, this means, when you inject into the hip 15% of the drug goes into the local muscle growth. In the case of the deltoid muscle, this percentage rises up to 30. Thus, an injection in the thigh and deltoid is rather considered local, not systemic.

Before making the injection it is recommended to heat the vial with the drug (only if the drug is an oil solution, do not heat suspension for injection) to body temperature. You can do this by holding the vial for some time in the palm in the slightly warm water.

Local injection

quadriceps injectionsPurpose of local injection is to stimulate the growth of the specified muscles where injection is made. Local injections of insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) and of vasodilator drugs are made using an insulin syringe. Local injections of AAS can be made both with insulin syringe and with a syringe with 2 ml, which has not a very long needle. Best acting anabolic steroids for local injection are Stanozolol Winstrol, Testosterone Propionate and Testosterone Suspension. However, it also makes sense to choose “long” esters of testosterone or Nandrolone. As a rule, local injections of Winstrol and other drugs are made in the quadriceps (outer side) and deltoid. Although there may be possible injections in the triceps, pecs, traps and, with great care – the biceps and calf muscles.

Local injections of synthol or oil solutions of testosterone esters are produced by a conventional 2ml syringe with the length of needle of 2.5-3 cm.

Subcutaneous injection

subcutaneous injectionsInjection of insulin, growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor, as a rule are made subcutaneously – mainly in the fold on the bel. However, insulin injection can be made in both ways, subcutaneously and intravenously or even intramuscularly. But the easiest way to control the effect of the drug is do it subcutaneously, so  it is advised to stop at it.

IGF-1 may be injected not only subcutaneously, a number of studies show that taking local injection (intramuscularly) can even slightly increase efficiency. In addition to already mentioned drugs, also chorionic gonadotropin may be taken subcutaneously. In the implementation of the injection procedure, do not inject in same place as it can lead to the disappearance of the cells of the subcutaneous fat in the place of injection, and to their hypertrophy.

Comparative efficacy of injections

Not all injections are equally effective. Studies show that the best effect is given by injection into the buttock muscle – in this case, almost 100% of the active substance of the drug enters the bloodstream. Injections in the thigh (quadriceps) are slightly inferior to injections into the buttock muscle. Only 80-85% of the active substance enters the general circulation.

Injection into the deltoid muscle are even less successful, the “losses” in this case reach 30-35%, which means only 65-70% of the active substance enters the bloodstream.

Why the word “loss” is in quotes? Because in fact, there is no practically losses at all. The drug does not get into the bloodstream (or rather – not all of it), but remains in the local blood flow. That part of the drug, which does not enter general circulation, almost entirely is spent for local muscle growth.

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  1. lolic-anabolic says:

    The question is, how deep it is necessary to introduce the needle when you put oil based drugs or water suspension? Does it need to introduce them deep into the muscle or it may be fat?

    • admin says:

      Oil solutions should be made intramuscularly (the deeper the better), not so much it hurts.
      When the oil reaches the layer of fat – there is a risk that it will not resolve and will stay there, with all the unpleasant consequences such as bumps and abscesses..
      Another important advice – use at least 2ml syringes, and do injection of oil solutions only in gluteal muscles.
      In the case of an abscess or other negative consequences, the operation is much painless than surgery on the thighs, arms or shoulders…

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